What Parents and Schools Are Saying About My Yogi Bairns

Rhiannon is amazing both my girls love her, she makes the kids and parents feel so welcome. nothing is no trouble. the girls can't wait to go back. highly recommended these kids yoga classes.


My little girl loves Rhiannon’s classes and looks forward to them each week. Even now through zoom Rhiannon has great interaction and fab at keeping it fun for the little ones, very professional and the best at what she does. We love her!


Due to health problems, my young daughter was advised to start yoga to help her with her daily activities. Before paying for a block of lessons, Rhiannon helped me by advising a family session as I also have a young son who I needed to bring with me. The family session was a taster to see if my daughter enjoyed the class and I was able to support her before committing weekly. It was such a positive experience for me to watch my daughter thrive in this lesson and the interaction she had with Rhiannon. As my son is younger and can be a handful, not only did Rhiannon focus on my daughter in helping her, but she also included my son and made it so fun for both of them. She really is amazing and I can’t recommend her enough.


Amazing! We have enjoyed all of your classes. You have an excellent relationship with each class and always make it fun for them. We have really enjoyed all of the music and stories you bring and would love to see this continue. The children all love it when you come and are always engaged in your great variety of activities. Thank you very much.

Spittal First School

Aida loves coming to yoga! There is a great variety of activities each week. Also, great when repeating activities each week so the children remember them and improve. Highly recommend the class. (Toddler 2-4 class)


I like yoga for Marti for various reasons - flexibility, mixing with other people and to help calm and balance her. I'd book again as very good value and teaching is of a very good standard.


I originally wanted Iris to try yoga to help her with her anxiety & confidence and WOW! What a difference it has made to her ability to cope under stress. It's also brought her completely out of her shell. She loves being set goals and challenges & is always so proud when she accomplishes them. My Yogi Bairns celebrates kindness and offers some fabulous skills in mindfulness for kids.